IOTMA Racing

The B.C. Oldtimers Motorcycle Club became the fourth club to join the Oldtimers MX Association, which was founded by Los Angeles and immediately followed by Oregon and Washington. The B.C. entry into the Association in 1974 made it international and the name was changed to the International Oldtimers Motocross Association (also commonly referred to as the IOTMA).

Riding times for motos are:

Old-timer Master = 22 minutes
Old-timer Plus 50 Master = 20 minutes
Old-timer Expert = 20 minutes
Old-timer Plus 50 Expert = 18 minutes
Old-timer Intermediate = 18 minutes
Old-timer Plus 50 Intermediate = 16 minutes
Old-timer Novice = 15 minutes
Old-timer Plus 50 Novice = 15 minutes
Old-timer Plus 60 Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Master – 15 minutes
Old-timer Plus 70 Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Master = 15 minutes
Old-timer Plus 75 = 15 minutes
Old-timer Plus 80 and Plus 90 = Whatever they choose

The IOTMA runs a series of races across 10 member chapters. Each year a Club will be named International Club Champion. If necessary all clubs will donate a set amount to buy a large trophy that can be passed on to the next Club that wins, year after year – the same trophy. The Winning Club will keep it until the first race of the following year and then give it to the next winning club at that race. You can find rules, results, congress minutes, and other info on the IOTMA Website.

Northern Challenge

The northern 6 clubs of the IOTMA have agreed to include a Northern Challenge Championship within the International Championship structure. The top Rider in each class will be named the Northern International Challenge Champion. The club that the rider belongs to will be responsible for providing that rider with a Championship jacket. The points will be based on the International Oldtimers point structure and therefore the same points that you earn towards the International Oldtimers Championship. You must attend at least two IOTMA race events, which can be any of the races on the full schedule. All races entered, within the 6 participating club events, count for points. You could win two jackets. Since you are old, people would understand if you wore them both at the same time.

The clubs and races involved are Washington ; Idaho ; Oregon ; BC ; Alberta ; and Rocky Mountain. This idea was created by Garry Roestel of the Washington club to try to encourage more participation in the IOTMA series.