About Us

Welcome to the club.

We are dedicated to the great sport of motocross, a family-oriented and healthy sport considered to be one of the most physically demanding in the world. The BC Oldtimers Motocross Club is part of the International Oldtimers Motocross Association, and our first official meeting was held January 9, 1974.  The association brings together clubs across the northwest of USA and Canada who race together at events throughout the summer months. Any age group can join and race, however series points and awards are available to +40 riders, or Oldtimers 🙂 and most clubs do not run small wheel bike classes. Our home track is the beautiful Agassiz track, near Harrison Hot Springs Resort, on Harrison Lake, BC.



Membership is renewable every calendar year and entitles you to attend the annual AGM and vote for your exec team, ride at our practices and of course the annual BCOT International Motocross race in Agassiz BC. Membership also allows you to ride in any of the races in the IOTMA series. Single Membership $25 and Family Membership $40.

Membership applications are available at the track however we encourage you to mail your membership form early in order to avoid delays. Our practices cater to all age groups, and we try hard to include all age groups in our International Race, but the race caters to Oldtimer’s as a priority and sometimes we cannot include every age group due to time constraints.

Bob Rempel BCOT Motocross

Director Bob Rempel in Washington on his 1975 Honda. It started out life as a 125 but was ‘sleeved down’ in order to race in the Schoolboy class

Our Story

Dating back to 1972, it all started with four semi-retired cross-country and motocross riders who were not as competitive any more, but refused to give up riding. These “Original Four” were Ron Farmer, Stan Johnson, Brooks Gowanlock and Vern Amor.

The first official meeting of the BC Oldtimers Club was January 9, 1974 and the club joined the Oldtimers MX Association around the middle of 1974 making the Association an International one. George Wagstaff was the first President and Brooks Gowanlock was the first club Secretary.

Our current information shows President George Wagstaff followed by Brooks Gowanlock from 1984 -1987; Ron Farmer in 1988; John Berezowecki in 1989 and 90; Norm Twa in 1991; Larry Wear in 1992 and 1993; Len Edwards in 1994 until 2001 and Don Tocher in 2002 to 2013 when Don decided it was time to hand the gavel over to new young blood. At the November 7, 2013 Annual General Meeting, Rick Perrin became the new President.

The B.C. Oldtimers Motorcycle Club was the fourth club to join the Oldtimers MX Association, which was founded by Los Angeles and immediately followed by Oregon and Washington. In 1974 the name was changed to the International Oldtimers Motocross Association (IOTMX). The Association now has 10 clubs (2016) from all the Western States and two Western Provinces – B.C. and Alberta.

Officially, “Oldtimers” are 40 years and older, and we have active riders in the 70 year old class with several riders over 80 years old. As of 2006 we established a separate class for them, which is the +80 Master class. Prior to 2006, they had to ride with the kids in the +70 class.

All our International races are two day events, with 3 motos on Saturday and 2 motos on Sunday. For those over 70 years old and the Novices, it is reduced to 2 motos on Saturday. All motos are considerably longer than normal local races. For example the +40 Master class runs five 22 Minute Motos. We like you to go home tired but want you to feel like you earned it. Two of our races are run on AMA National Motocross tracks, Hangtown, CA, and Washougal, WA. We usually arrive a couple of weeks following the annual Hangtown National race and a couple of weeks before Washougal.


On Saturday night of our International race, the BCOT supplies a first class catered dinner and the best raffle on the circuit. The raffle is also the original one. Although it is becoming quite popular with other clubs, our famous raffle and dinner are still the best. We also try very hard to have the most unique and best trophies on the circuit and something you would really like to win and keep. We also attempt to have the trophies based on a Canadian theme. The rules are 33% trophies and we are generous with that minimum and also pay 100% trophies to anyone over 70. They deserve it. Anyone over 80 rides free, as long as they pre-enter.

Ron Farmer, long-time track manager at Mission Raceway Park and who almost single-handedly brought the new Mission Raceway Park to life, will be inducted for his lifelong commitment to the NHRA, B.C.C.C.A., and Mission Raceway Park. When the previous facility went away, Farmer kept the fire burning with the dream of resurrecting the facility into one of the finest (and fastest) tracks in North America. Already a member of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame, Farmer is recognized by all in Division 6 for his continued efforts in support of the NHRA and Mission Raceway Park. Ron Farmer was inducted to the Canadian Motor Sport Hall of Fame in March 1998 for his tireless effort to establish and maintain a drag-race and motocross facility in Mission.